Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Document Library comes up blank in SharePoint Online with Chrome

I have been noticing a few users getting blank pages when navigating to a Document Library in SharePoint Online. The issue is random, but seems to have been happening more frequently. I don't know if it's a Chrome update or SPO Update that is causing the issue, but I finally got a moment to sit down and figure out the easy fix for the problem.

You can switch browsers and the problem goes right away so it is not a service issue itself but related directly with Chrome. To fix the problem ,you simply have to clear out the site settings cache in chrome for SharePoint Online. You could clear out the entire cache, but it's not necessary. 

Clear Site Settings Cache
To clear out the site setting cache do the following.
1. Go into Chrome Settings
2. Click Advanced
3. Click on Privacy and services
4. Click "Site Settings" section
5. Under All Sites at the top click "View permissions and data stored across sites"
6. Locate sharepoint.com and click the verticle ... menu and clear data.

This will clear the sharepoint.com site data and should restore the usage of your document libraries.

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